Joshua Rugger

Joshua is excited to join the NWA Weather Authority Team as a weather forecaster.

Joshua is a born and raised Arkansan, growing up in North Little Rock and Hot Springs, but has lived in NWA since 2013. He graduated from Pea Ridge High School in 2018 and finished his degree in Communications at the University of Arkansas in December 2021. Joshua is currently attending Mississippi State University where he will be earning a degree in Meteorology.

From his first breath, he has always had a passion and love for sharing the weather with others. From doing weather reports in front of a 3rd-grade class to watching the news every day before bed, being a meteorologist has always been his goal.

The crazy weather that Arkansas brings can often be unpredictable, but that’s what makes Joshua love it. The fact that the weather can change so rapidly makes it a prime location to learn something new about science every single day. From major heat waves to brutal cold spells, seemingly calm weather to major severe weather outbreaks; this state has it all!

Joshua can remember experiencing many wild weather events including the Super Outbreak of April 25th, 2011. He will never forget witnessing his first tornado on top of the hill where the house was as it tore through the Sunshine community near Hot Springs. Seeing the power of nature in front of his eyes cemented his drive to inform and teach people about the dangers that severe weather events bring.

This is why Joshua also got into storm chasing, where he has seen many more severe weather events out in the field.

When he’s not studying the weather, you can find him training for a marathon, playing video games or hanging out with his rough collie, Harper!

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