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Since the founding of the company, BIO-TECH was a family business, everyone contributed to the success.

The history of BIO-TECH is the story of Marti and Dale Benedict. In 1954 Marti and Dale met at a Valentine’s Day church event in San Antonio, Texas. They married in 1955; both young, intelligent, energetic and anxious to make their positive mark in the world. Early in their relationship they joined hands and knelt together listening for direction and guidance for their life. Alleviating suffering and promoting health is the passion that drove Marti & Dale’s purpose. Both families included missionaries reaching out with integrity and faith to those in need whether in India, China, Africa, South America, or at home.

Marti and Dale were a team that in 1975 attended a conference on “Medicine of the Future” where the usage of nutrients was highlighted as a preventative health measure. This conference changed Dale’s world; he then spent more than six months on research. Convinced, Dale shifted his focus towards the dietary supplement industry to help people all over the world. Dale’s medical knowledge, medical school training and years of work in the pharmaceutical industry prepared him well and made it easier to connect with industry leaders and prominent doctors throughout the US. Since Marti was sensitive to additives, she encouraged Dale to start manufacturing quality hypoallergenic supplements that were challenging to find at that time.

Dale and Marti Benedict decided to launch BIO-TECH in 1984, driven by a mission to improve lives by producing pure, clean, hypoallergenic, and high-quality dietary supplements. Marti was the CEO at BIO-TECH for many years as Dale promoted the company at conventions, built connections in the medical community, and initiated new product development with the prominent doctors all over the world. Since the founding of the company, BIO-TECH was a family business, everyone contributed to the success. Historically, over one hundred top research institutions used BIO-TECH products to advance science, and this tradition continues today. Premium nutrition at the cellular level, BIO-TECH manufactures high-quality dietary supplements for physicians, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies worldwide.

Dale established Bio-Tech M&D in memory of his beloved wife, Marti and her dream to touch people’s lives all over the world with high-quality dietary supplements.

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