“A common question I get asked is, ‘Can I get the same results with Invisalign than braces?’ For over 20 years, I’ve said no, traditional braces is always gonna get you a better result than Invisalign. Around 2018, I thought the technology was there to finally get the results that I’ve been trying to get forever with clear liners. In 2019 I became the number one provider of Invisalign in Arkansas, and aligns started flying in every two weeks to visit the offices for over a year; We do it virtually now, we still meet. As a consultant for Invisalign, they allow me to work with them on cutting-edge technology, some that have never been done with clear liners before. When I asked them, ‘Why did y’all call me to get my advice on this,’ they said, ‘Well, when we searched the top ten providers, you are on that list.’ It’s very common for me to get asked, “When should I bring my child in to visit an orthodontist?” The American Association of Orthodontics recommends the age of 7. It’s such an easy appointment, it doesn’t cost anything, and it really gives me a baseline of when it is time to treat your child with orthodontic treatment, because its not the first time I’ve seen them, um, I can really develop a specialized plan for that individual child.”