“You know, one of the things I’ve gotten so excited about over the years is the digital aspect of orthodontics. It’s gone from an analytical, you know, eyeball it, put it there. A lot of art involved in the process of orthodontics, to digital. I actually virtually will place braces on now, before a patient has even come into the office to get the braces on. I’ve gone through all the wires virtually, I’ve straightened the teeth, at the end, I move braces and brackets around to get them in just the right position I need at the end of treatment to get that perfect smile, and then I go back to the crooked teeth, 3D print a tray that holds the braces in the exact position I want them at the end of treatment to glue the braces on. It’s amazing. I was so excited the other day when I noticed there was a patient in the chair from Fort Smith. The family’s son desired to have his malocclusion, or complicated, kind of bite problems fixed with Invisalign, and was unable to find anyone to do it. In fact, he had a tooth that was stuck in his lower jaw, and everyone had told him there’s no way you can treat an impacted K9 with Invisalign. I find that, at this point in time, I can actually treat more complicated patients and more patients with clear liners than I can with braces, completely opposite of what you hear across the nation.”