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Satisfyer Launches High Touch Meditation Series In The Free Satisfyer Connect App During Sexual Health Month

The global brand is the first to customize sexual wellness meditations that pair with Bluetooth compatible Satisfyer devices

NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Satisfyer, an award winning global sexual wellness company, announced the launch of its High Touch Meditation series on the free Satisfyer Connect app in tandem with Sexual Health Month (September). Satisfyer's High Touch Meditations are a series of meditations that bring together the practice of mindfulness and sexual pleasure to help users experience enhanced sexual pleasure and relaxation. 

Sexual Health Month is rooted in education and encouragement of how sexuality impacts physical and mental wellbeing. To further revolutionize the way we think about sexual health, Satisfyer is launching its first series called, Pulse of Pleasure, that includes five sessions available in four languages.

Meditation and sexual wellness practices are intrinsically linked as they incorporate breathwork, body scans and encourage people to get in tune with their bodies. This combination of sexual pleasure and traditional meditative practices in Satisfyer's High Touch Meditation series encourages listeners to explore their sensuality through breathwork, voice work and restoration. Users can explore the mediations in the free Satisfyer Connect app, either with one of Satisfyer's Bluetooth enabled products or without an added device.

"Satisfyer's mission is to make sexual pleasure accessible and attainable, and we knew our next innovation would deliver a unique way for people to experience the blended benefits of mindfulness and pleasure," said Julia Pokryshka, President of Satisfyer. "As sexual wellness continues to grow within the self-care category, and to elevate the focus during September, Sexual Health Month, Satisfyer's High Touch Meditations will be a beneficial addition to consumers' daily wellness routines, and we are excited for our customers to try."

Satisfyer's High Touch Meditations are highly customizable for the individual and are not focused on achieving orgasm or climax, but rather creating an opportunity to connect pleasure and meditation to relax and better tap into one's sexuality. Listeners do not need to have experience with meditation or regular practice of sexual pleasure to reap the benefits due to the guided format of the meditations.

Within Satisfyer's High Touch Meditations, users can expect different themed series' that focus on use of different Satisfyer sexual wellness devices or topics. The first meditation series, Pulse of Pleasure, focuses on exploring the world of Satisfyer's signature Air Pulse Technology, with five guided meditations. Satisfyer's Air Pulse Technology creates a touch-free clitoral massage that promotes blood circulation and similar sensations to the feeling of oral sex.

"Stress, anxiety and other external factors can often lower libido and make sexual pleasure difficult for many to experience," said Megwyn White, Satisfyer's Director of Education and Certified Sexologist, Megwyn White. "Satisfyer's High Touch Meditation series will help listeners relax and provide a conducive environment to explore sexual pleasure and the health benefits that go along with it, such as improved mood, better sleep, and more."

Meditations in the free Satisfyer Connect app are suitable for listening at varying times of the day, with or without a partner, so listeners can choose the meditation that is right for them. The current meditations available in the Pulse of Pleasure series are titled Lullavulva Deep Sleep, Vibreathing Reboot, Orgasmic Voice, Energizing Pathways to Pleasure and Relaxing Pathways to Pleasure. Meditations range in length from five to ten minutes long.

To access Satisfyer's High Touch Meditation Series, listeners can download the free Satisfyer Connect app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play. For more information on Satisfyer, please visit

About Satisfyer 
Blending tech innovation and sexual health, Satisfyer is a sexual wellness brand dedicated to creating pleasurable, multi-sensory experiences for consumers. Established in 2016, Satisfyer set the tone within the industry, proclaiming that sexual health is for everyone, regardless of their sexual preference, socio-economic background, age, gender or skill level. Available in more than 100 countries, with over 200 products and over 470 design awards, Satisfyer offers the most comprehensive and robust assortment of high-quality devices, all at accessible prices. Satisfyer leads the category in many countries, due to its marquee product, the Pro 2 Generation 2, which is the most sold sexual wellness device in the world. For more information, please visit

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