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Trends are about to get even more interesting in the US and Latin America with this Brazilian-made insights platform

What's the US and Latin America's talking about? Well, Reailtime might help us discover.

A free platform where marketers, and other professionals, can leverage information for marketing plans, opportunity content and whatever creativity allows to.

SãO PAULO, BRAZIL, December 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Ever wondered what people are talking about? What's everyone into these days? What should you have read, watched or seen? Well, there's some answers to that. Google, YouTube, Twitter and other major players keep tracking of what people watch, search and talk about online. This data will then be mapped into trends to better measure what are the focal points, as you should probably heard of Twitter's Trending Topics or Google Trends, the major players on these matters.

However, there is much more room there to innovation. Reailtime, a Brazilian martech (fancy-way of saying marketing and technology startup) is working towards leveraging this data into much more robust analysis. With AI (artificial intelligence) in the name, they’re tracking by the hour Latin America, United States and Brazil's topics and searches rising trends then, with some state-of-the-art algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence, its platform showcases the most influential conversations in the last 24 hours – and counting. The resource, called Reailtime Now, it’s thought after marketing, entrepreneurship and people who want to be in-the-know. Marketers can leverage this information on marketing plans, opportunity content and even approaching related brands for partnerships. Entrepreneurs now rely on a free platform to track new trends, leverage insights and research upon customer behavior.

However, “Now” it’s just a part of it. These Brazilians are also bringing Reailtime Moments, when this “past” data reorganizes into prediction for the future. Moments hence, the name, with potential to influence what people are thinking, talking and even consuming about tracked into an extensive calendar that can revert in revenue, events or even in a minor tailor-made content for your brand’s CRM mailing. Football matches, movies premieres, political events, music festivals, technology events, health awareness and much more territories all mapped out into a golden book for any strategist.

Reailtime is built and run in São Paulo, Brazil delivering a free platform to the world. It’s intelligence is focused today on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and United States markets. This is only the beginning, as the company also provides tailored consulting to brands and companies planning on better understanding Latin America’s market.

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