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She became health tourism ambassador after her own miracle

Health Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism

Advertiser Özkulak who changed her life with obesity surgery, introduces Turkish doctors to the world with the web platform she has established.

İZMIR , KONAK , TüRKIYE, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- The businesswoman Özlem Özkulak, who started the work for advertising sector as an Advertising Manager in a national newspaper, decided to have obesity surgery when she could not cope with her excess weight. Özkulak, who underwent obesity surgery in Elazig, lost weight rapidly in a short time. Özkulak, who went to the have surgery with 110 kilos, decreased to 55 kilos in 1 year. Özkulak, who quit the newspaper she worked for and founded an Advertising Agency, started to be interested in health tourism. Özkulak, who received health tourism trainings from home and abroad, was elected as the Izmir Representative of the Health Tourism Association.

Find Doctor in Turkey

Özkulak, who worked on sleeve gastrectomy and slimming after his surgery, held an Obesity Fair with wide participation in Izmir in 2018. The fair, attended by academics, experts and people of Izmir, attracted great attention. Özkulak, who dedicated the public to raising awareness, especially about obesity, established a platform called 'Find Doctor in Turkey' to introduce Turkish doctors abroad. Özkulak, who introduced Turkish doctors to the world through the association and platform, said, "Our aim in this project is not to make money. We want to promote our own country and make the investment here. Find Doctor had another mission; Doctors abroad also reached out to us on the site to do internship and work in Turkey. We supported them in this regard for free. As Find Doctor, our goal is to get stronger. After health tourism started to develop in Turkey, Turkey became the choice of many countries. Turkey had a very successful covid period especially in terms of health tourism. We are also preferred because Turkish doctors are very experienced. It is very important that these things are done by competent people. The opposite can happen in cases, especially in Istanbul, there are many places we call as an under the stairs, there can be news abroad about such places. This situation negatively affects health tourism.”

We Do Our Best to Promote Our Country

Özkulak said, "It is necessary to research the doctors from the right place. We publish the articles of the doctors. We select doctors who have a health tourism authorization certificate, CV and very good experience, centers accredited by the ministry. Unaccredited centers have penalties. Health Tourism Association of Turkey supports us. As Find Doctor, we have a huge network. There is an online consultation. Turkey is also in a geographically important place in terms of health tourism, very good promotion is required. We cooperate with supporting companies. We are doing our best to introduce not only our doctors but also our country. Especially Izmir is unknown to patients abroad. Izmir should also be introduced in terms of health tourism. Izmir is a more peaceful and safe city. A workshop can also be planned to promote Izmir. We offer fully VIP service to patients. We provide all the necessary services, from the airport service to the companion service."

There is Incredible Potential Abroad

Noting that the Turkish Health Tourism Association has carried out very important works, Özkulak said, "They gave me the Izmir representation and we carried out good works. We are planning new congresses and trainings. When I thought I was adequate in health tourism and my clients multiplied, I decided to start a firm."

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