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Introducing The WellnessCheck by VisibilityOne: A Major Breakthrough for IT Help Desk Services for Videoconferencing Technical Support.

VisibilityOne’s diagnostics and real-time healing set a new standard in AV, IT, and video collaboration management”
— Kent Lowell, former GM at British Telecom
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- VisibilityOne, a leading provider of video conferencing performance and analytics solutions, is proud to announce the launch of WellnessCheck, a groundbreaking service designed to transform the way IT support organizations monitor the health and performance of their HP/ Poly video conferencing devices.

As the world embraces remote and hybrid work environments, the demand for reliable video conferencing has never been greater. Businesses rely on Poly's cutting-edge devices to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration. However, ensuring these devices are in optimal condition can be challenging, leading to frustrating interruptions and lost productivity.

WellnessCheck by VisibilityOne is here to change that. This innovative service offers real-time health monitoring and diagnostics for Poly video conferencing devices, providing organizations with unprecedented insights and control over their video communication infrastructure.

Key features of WellnessCheck include:

Real-time Health Monitoring: VisibilityOne continuously monitors the performance of your Poly devices, keeping an eye on crucial parameters such as camera connectivity, microphone functionality, network connectivity, and software updates.

With WellnessCheck, VisibilityOne takes it further, enabling features that allow for a scheduled total health check. This proactive approach helps wake up your system from its dormant state, identifies potential issues by capturing information from the system, and takes proactive action if needed by rebooting your device, the system also alerts you if an issue is detected before it impacts a scheduled meeting.

"Our mission at VisibilityOne has always been to enhance the video conferencing experience for businesses and their employees. With WellnessCheck, we're taking a significant step towards achieving this goal," said Jose De La Paz, CEO of VisibilityOne. "We understand the critical role that Poly devices play in modern communication, and WellnessCheck ensures that they consistently deliver high-quality performance."

WellnessCheck is compatible with a wide range of Poly video conferencing solutions, including the popular Polycom and Poly Studio series. Whether you have a small meeting room or a large conference space, WellnessCheck can be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs.

Elevate your video conferencing experience and take control of your Poly devices' health with WellnessCheck by VisibilityOne. To learn more about this game-changing service, please visit www.Visibility.One or contact us at info@visibility.one

About VisibilityOne:

VisibilityOne is a leading provider of video conferencing performance and analytics solutions. Our mission is to empower organizations with the tools they need to optimize their video communication infrastructure, improve productivity, and enhance the overall user experience.
VisibilityOne's OneUI is the nexus where video conferencing technologies converge. Our patented SaaS solution simplifies and optimizes your video collaboration by unifying all the disparate elements into one streamlined, intuitive dashboard.

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VisibilityOne Corp
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