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Young Founder Mo RezaAli Raises Funding For His AI Company WhaleHub, Attracts Over 5,000 Users in Beta Testing

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WhaleHub AI Solution Platform

mo rezaali - whalehub ai solution platform


WhaleHub, founded by Mo RezaAli, offers free AI-powered tools and services for businesses to enhance their online presence and scale their operations.

MARKHAM, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Mo RezaAli (MohammadMahdi RezaAli), a 22-year old serial entrepreneur, today announced the launch of WhaleHub, an AI-powered platform offering free tools and services for businesses. WhaleHub aims to help companies enhance their online presence, increase sales, and scale their operations through AI.

WhaleHub offers a range of AI-powered services, such as website SEO optimization, website development, content and video creation, sales consulting, no-code app building, and more. Through access to specialists in various industries, WhaleHub provides businesses with assistance across different areas with the goal of being a comprehensive platform for growth needs.

Since its launch just months ago, WhaleHub has already attracted tremendous interest, with over 5,000 businesses signing up for free trials of the platform's AI-powered services. This exceptional user growth demonstrates the strong demand for WhaleHub offerings and validates its value to organizations looking to bolster their online presence and scale up operations.

The WhaleHub platform is now in beta testing at whalehub.net. WhaleHub has garnered interest from Canadian investors and intends to integrate with WhaleHub DEX, a decentralized exchange currently in development.

"Since launching, over 5,000 businesses have signed up to use WhaleHub's AI-powered services," said Mo RezaAli. "This indicates interest among organizations globally in utilizing artificial intelligence. My team continues efforts to expand the platform's capabilities and provide value to businesses."

About WhaleHub
WhaleHub is an AI solution platform providing businesses with data-driven insights, marketing automation, and expert specialist support. The WhaleHub platform is based in Toronto and was founded in 2023. For more information, visit whalehub.net.

About Mo RezaAli
MohammadMahdi RezaAli (Mo RezaAli) founded WhaleHub, a platform that uses AI and launched in Toronto, Canada. Mo RezaAli by his programming experience and business knowledge, has conceived WhaleHub to provide free AI-powered tools to help businesses. Since launching, WhaleHub has acquired over 5,000 users.

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