Btab Ecommerce Group Seeking to Acquire Other Businesses

SYDNEY, Australia, Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Btab Ecommerce Group, Inc. (OTC: BBTT) (the “Company”), today announced it plans to expand its operations and revenues by acquiring more companies with the goal of forming a larger corporation prior to pursuing an initial public offering and uplisting to a national stock exchange such as NASDAQ.

Btab is an e-commerce company that operates through its network in Australia, Asia, United States and United Kingdom, and its affiliated company is the e-commerce company, Btab Group Inc.

The businesses it seeks to acquire will either be those owned by third parties or those currently owned by Btab Group Inc., which currently has annual revenues exceeding USD $20M.

Binson Lau, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “As we continue to grow the Company’s business and operations organically, we also plan to grow through merger and acquisition transactions. Adding businesses to our network has created business relationships with companies throughout the globe. We are being introduced to business owners that see the benefit of working with us, and in some cases becoming part of the Company.”

About Btab Ecommerce Group, Inc.

Btab Ecommerce Group is an e-commerce company that operates through its network in Australia, Asia, United States and United Kingdom. It provides affordable ecommerce services and supplies technology and products to small businesses to allow them to compete in an underserved market segment. The Company seeks to expand its reach into Europe and the Americas where it intends to provide small businesses with products and services generally not currently commercially available to them. The Company believes the e-commerce growth in Asia alone will be significant well into the next decade and beyond as increasing numbers of internet users take advantage of online shopping and increasing spending power.

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