Are you wanting to make your child’s transition back to school smoother? Emily with Children’s Therapy TEAM has the tips you need.

“Back to school time is right around the corner, and though that’s exciting, it means summer vacation is coming to an end, and early wake-up calls are approaching, so I’m here to help give some tips to help promote an easy transition. One thing you can do is simply talk to your child about school. Walk them through their day by talking about who they will see, what activities they’re gonna do, and what time you’ll pick them up. And don’t forget to mention that it’s going to be a lot of fun. For those who like visuals, you can help create a schedule that will really help your child visualize what to expect. This can also help ease any anxieties your child might have of the unknown. We know that waking up early is not easy for everyone, so a couple of weeks before school starts, shift the bedtime up. You can also have them practice their morning routine. You could have them practice getting up and getting ready, and you might even take a practice drive to their school that morning. Remember, transitions and change can be hard, so provide a lot of compassion and praise to your child for accepting that change. I hope everyone has an amazing school year.”

Watch above for the reactions from some Children’s Therapy TEAM kids as they prepare for going back to school.