“Coming home from the hospital he had a feeding tube; he was also on oxygen.” recalls Bennett’s father, Andy. “He was on an MG tube/Feeding tube for about 4 months. Now we ask him what his favorite food is, it’s spaghetti or cake really any dessert in general.”

“He brings joy wherever he goes with that smile, that hi, and wave. It’s just awesome as parents to see.”, adds Bennett’s mother, Lyndsey.

“I have been coaching Bennett on Royal’s Baseball Miracle League team since he was four years old, and he has progressed a ton.” says Morgan, Bennett’s Speech-Language Pathologist with Children’s Therapy TEAM.

“It’s really fun to compare his progress in therapy to his progress outside of therapy and how he’s generalizing the things that he is learning with me in the clinic. He has a variety of signs. He uses a voice output system and has a ton of verbal communication now so he’s speaking in like phrases and sentences.”

“Everyone knows Bennett, they all wave and say hi and he, he just loves coming here. And it just makes us happy knowing that when we leave him he’s smiling and when we pick him up, he’s smiling. He is very excited to do the learning he says.”, said Bennett’s parents.

When asked what he likes about coming to therapy, Bennett exclaims, “Learning!”

“What else do you like about therapy?”, says Morgan. Bennett replies, “Swimming!”