Jennica and Ryan Schwartzman wrote the movie “Parker’s Anchor” and are both in the film. 

“We had over 50% of our cast was female, 50% of our crew was female, most of our producers were female,” said Ryan. 

It introduces the topic of infertility. The film isn’t based on a true story, but the issue is something 5 million people in the U.S. with every day. 

“We’ve had friends that dealt with infertility and it took them years to have children, they just want to have a family and that was a very important story to tell,” said Ryan. 

“A lot of the things that we were adding to our story were much more true and real to life than we had wanted it to be, it was devastating to find that out ,” said Jennica.

Schwartzman is originally from Arkansas, so to him, it made sense to tape in the Natural State. 

“Everything was shot between Fayetteville and Rogers and Bentonville just in this whole area,” said Ryan.

“We could have filmed anywhere and we could have showcased any community, the people here are unique, the artistic community is incredibly supportive and honestly the business base here is unmatched,” said Jennica. 

The creators said shooting “Parker’s Anchor” here was a piece of cake, compared to shooting in California. 

“Getting to shoot at an airport, is something that we couldn’t do in LA, here in Arkansas, we contact them and they say yes,” said Ryan. 

Naturally, the Schwartzman’s love the Natural State.