SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Arkansas Children’s Northwest is taking some extra steps to show its nurses they are valued as part of National Nurses Week.

L.A. Cate has met her fair share of nurses.

“I’ve spent around ten months the past couple of years in and out of pediatric hospitals,” she said from her hospital bed at Arkansas Children’s Northwest.

But she says ACNW stands out from the rest.

“Out of all the hospitals that I’ve been to, Arkansas Children’s has the most kind and caring and compassionate nurses,” Cate said.

The director of Nursing Excellence at ACNW, Chad Dugger says there is a reason for that.

“I myself went to nursing school just to work for Arkansas Children’s,” he said.

Even when there is a nursing shortage around the country, they are drawn to ACNW.

“We have a great environment and a great culture to work in so that has been a huge help for us. We have 25 new graduate residents coming on in July,” Dugger said.

These nurses all feel a special calling.

“Nurses are the advocates for their patients. They’re the ones at the bedside the majority of the time,” Dugger said.

They are at the bedside for medical care or just companionship.

“I had a nurse last night who literally sat down and played Mario Kart with me for 30 minutes,” Cate said.

Anything to help people like Cate through a challenging time.

“Not only do they do their job, but they care for their patients in a way that I can’t even express in words through emotional and procedural support,” she said.

To say thank you to its nurses this week, ACNW is providing some snacks, puppy therapy and special demonstrations to help nurses focus on their own well-being.