FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Next year, Canopy Northwest Arkansas will help resettle more than 100 people forced to leave their homes due to war, persecution, or natural disaster. 

Moving to a new city is tough, let alone moving to a whole new country. 

“Furnishing the houses, registering the kids in the school, obtain the social security cards,” Canopy NWA Case Manager Supervisor Malath Alarnosi said. 

Canopy NWA is currently helping 500 refugees get established in a new home. 

“I was a former refugee from Iraq so we already know this experience, so I see many of our clients as a reflect from my life and reflect to their lives,” Alarnosi said. 

From finding a place to live to finding work, it is always easier with someone by your side. 

“A big part of when you move to a new place, for a new place to feel like home, is community. It’s your friends. It’s having people around you that are glad that you’re there,” Director of Community Engagement Hannah Lee said. 

And Canopy NWA needs your help to help fill that void. It needs people to volunteer as cosponsors. 

“These teams walk alongside new families for their first six months in northwest Arkansas and really become their first friends,” Lee said. 

Canopy NWA expects to help 150 people resettle here next year. So, it needs a lot of volunteers. 

“We always say, when you volunteer, even if there is a language barrier, that’s okay. Just lean into the awkward and it’s going to be okay because really what’s important is that you’re showing up and you’re there,” Lee said. 

“This is their future for their kids. So, they need all that we can provide them,” Alarnosi said. 

Canopy NWA is also trying to meet an end-of-year fundraising goal to support its programs for next year. To get involved, click here.