Fayetteville, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Crystal Bridges and The Momentary creates a campaign to help people in isolation feel connected.

No matter why you might be in the hospital, you would typically have family by your side.

“In several instances you would have them holding your hand, supporting you, so it’s been unique because we’ve had to restrict that,” Northwest Medical Center CEO Hans Driessnack said.

It is tough on patients at Northwest Medical Center where visitation is currently limited. So Crystal Bridges and The Momentary are helping them all find a way to connect.

“We’re bringing them a little bit of comfort and joy through arts experiences,” Crystal Bridges Museum Chief Education Officer Marissa Reyes said.

It is called the social connecting campaign. Nine artists are creating artwork inspired by the word “together.”

“The idea that we’re able to take their work through this social connecting campaign and share that with a larger community is something that is really impactful for artists. It’s really giving them this very public platform that is so tailored to what is going on in our community,” Reyes said.

That work is put on postcards. Then, anyone can write a special note that will be delivered to hospitals and assisted living facilities. The artwork will eventually be put on murals and driven to 15 different facilities for the patients, residents and staff to enjoy. Northwest Medical Center is one of them.

“To help support that mission by supporting staff members, being inspirational for them, medical staff members as well as patients and family members that are accessing the facility just seemed like a really good option,” Driessnack said.

He said it is a great show of support by artists moved by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People who support the arts are a living breathing part of our community. They’re here to support us in a myriad of innovative ways, this being one of them.”

It just might start a new movement even behind this health crisis.

“There’s certainly no lack of appreciation and enthusiasm in our community so we see some aspect of this project continuing in the future,” Reyes said.

The murals will eventually be available to view at the museums once social distancing restrictions are lifted. If you’re interested in getting a postcard of the artwork, click here.