FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A house for women in crisis has recently expanded its services to try and meet a growing need.

Sophia Dugwyler’s drug addiction repeatedly got her in trouble.

“Upon my fourth release from prison, I decided to do something different and applied and became one of the first residents at Magdalene House,” she said.

It is a beautiful home that first opened its doors in 2017.

“It’s really important for us for our women to see a different way of life, to see they are worth a beautiful home, to give them a safe place to fully heal and recover and know that they are worth this opportunity,” Magdalene Serenity House Executive Director April Bachrodt said.

It is an opportunity to heal and recover from trauma, sexual exploitation, addiction or incarceration. People who live here go through a two-year program.

“We take a very holistic approach. We know that women don’t just wake up one day and start using drugs. Often our women have a history of childhood trauma,” Bachrodt said.

Residents get mental and physical health care and learn important life skills. The approach can be different for each woman.

“Magdalene House had laid out a general program and then asked me what my needs were. Nobody had ever asked me what do I think I could use support with,” Dugwyler said.

Dugwyler has found a lot of success. Professionally, she now works for Magdalene House as the resident support specialist. Personally, she has built a stronger relationship with her son.

“I think this time that we have together is really special and meaningful. I feel like we’re a real family now,” she said.

Magdalene House has recently started an after-care program as well. If you would like to support the non-profit, click here.