BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Injured wild birds are on the road to recovery thanks to a new Northwest Arkansas organization.

Lynn Sciumbato has taken in just about any type of bird you can think of.

“Most of them are large and are not happy,” she said.

She says she is the only person in our region federally licensed to rehab injured wild birds.

“When you’re the only person doing this, it’s hard to retire and so I raised my hand and didn’t really realize it was going to take over my life, but that’s okay,” Sciumbato said.

It really has taken over her life. Her house has huge flight pens for all the birds she takes in. But she cannot fly alone forever. So, veterinarian Emily Warman signed up to help create Northsong Wild Bird Rehabilitation.

“These birds in my opinion have a right to survive in the wild, live a good life just like we do, just like our cats and dogs,” Warman said.

Then, vet assistant Madison Kennedy jumped on-board.

“Birds are just a completely different species. It’s a completely different ballgame and I love it,” she said.

“Lynn comes in and one of them needs a surgery, one of them needs physical therapy under anesthesia, we do that. We try and give the same quality of care as you would get your cat and dog,” Warman said.

The long-term goal is to open their own facility where all the work can take place under one roof and more people can be recruited for the cause.

“As I get older, it occurs to me that one of these days I’m not going to be here to do this and this needs to continue. This work needs to continue even if I’m not here,” Sciumbato said.

Northsong needs financial support to make these things happen. If you want to get involved, click here.