FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. ( KNWA/KFTA) — Some of the world’s best cyclists are riding out of town after another successful weekend on Northwest Arkansas’ trails.

“This has just kinda become a hot spot,” Trailblazers Director of Soft-Surface Trails Uriah Nazario said.

The U.S. Pro Cup is the second major event held at Centennial Park in the past six months.

“It just helps us put that stake in the ground that we are absolutely bound and determined to make this the place for cycling,” Nazario said.

There’s a non-profit that helped pave the way for all of this success; The Trailblazers. It helps with the design and development of a lot of the hard and soft trails in the area.

“You’re seeing a lot of healthy benefits. You’re seeing lower stress levels. You’re seeing families spend more time with each other simply by being on these trails. The more people on these trails, the less parking spots are taken up,” Nazario said.

Its mission is to get everyone moving, whether through adult first rides, getting bikes in schools or even those who are differently-abled.

“We also helping OZASA which is the Ozark Adaptive Sports Association. We help them try and get adaptive riders on adaptive bikes and get them out to use our trails,” Nazario said.

It is helping make Northwest Arkansas a great destination for visitors and those who live here.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities or the Adopt a Trail program, click here.