BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Band teacher Christopher Moore is April’s Golden Apple winner! Moore teaches at Lincoln Junior High School. The Golden Apple Award commends excellent teachers or other school leaders and role models for the positive influence they have on their kids.

Moore was nominated for his ability to lead his students through positivity to state-wide recognition, even in the midst of family scare. After the award presentation, KNWA learned that Mr. Moore’s new baby girl was born months early this year, weighing less than three pounds. Since, he’s been doing his award-winning teaching, while spending his nights at the Ronald McDonald house with his family’s newest addition. Seeing this perseverance, his 8th grade glass got together and nominated Moore.

Below are several of the nominations that were submitted on Moore’s behalf.

“Mr. Moore is the reason a lot of people try every day. He doesn’t know how much he benefits the lives of his students every day. Mr. Moore is everything a good person is. He deserves to have his baby and I’m glad God protected her and kept her safe even though it seemed impossible. Mr. Moore always want out concerts to be like first one. Even when he had a big scare in his family he was still in class talking about how our trip was going to be the time of our lives. I that for the incoming 8th graders will realize how much Mr. Moore has done for them. He deserves a lot more than what some people give him.”

“Mr. Moore is an awesome teacher and I think I speak for every student in his class. He teaches 7th and 8th grade band and helped are 8th grade band make Arkansas honor band which is a huge deal. He always comes in the building with a huge smile and welcomes everyone to his class. Him and his wife just had a baby March 20th and they are going to be the best parents ever. I hope he gets this award for him being an awesome band teacher and an awesome person that I look up too.”

“Mr. Moore is the band teacher for the Lincoln Junior High Honor Band. He came to Lincoln last year and started fresh with the 7th grade band who are now his favorite 8th graders. Every day he has a smile on his face and spreads his love to all of us. He is an amazing teacher who loves his band more than anything. He makes sure that he has a relationship with each of his students and loves us like we’re his own. Mr. Moore deserves this award so much because we want to show him how much we appreciate and love him.”

“Mr. Moore makes better happen by giving us all the information experiences and support we could ever need. For example, whenever we have a big event in band he always get us a meal that he pays for from his pocket. Also, he always inspires us to do what makes us happy and that we never give up on anything we love.”

If you want to nominate a teacher for future Golden Apple awards or view past ones, you can fill out the form by clicking here.