We know you are doing amazing things in the community by winning awards and creating programs to make our community better and more.

That’s why we want to give you a shoutout!

First up is Apple Seeds Inc. The organization’s mission is to inspire healthy living through garden education. Over the weekend, the teaching farm hosted several events. Saturday, the organization hosted a Kitchen Table Dinner. The event featured a farm-to-table meal and beverages from Chef Amon Easley. Then on Sunday, the organization was back at it with Sunday at the Farm Fundraiser. There was live music, games and of course food. Proceeds will assist the teaching farm in going solar.

The next one goes to Noel Sosa, manager at Rox Radio Group and also a board member for First Tee NWA. Nothing like getting in a game of golf only to break your club. In a post on social media, he says: “Good news I hit my drive 300 yards right down the middle of the fairway. Bad news I broke my club.”
Tough break, but what a drive–300 yards. Great job!

Would you like a shoutout from us? Send your photos/videos to: pics@knwa.com and put Good Day NWA Shoutout in the subject line.