Be first in line this weekend at Daily Deals Bargain Bins

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You can be first in line this weekend at Daily Deals Bargain Bins. Jason Suel talks to Christy Rodriguez about how easy it is to get the best deals.

Jason: “We’re here at Daily Deals Bargain Bins. I’ve got Christy Rodriguez. This place is amazing They’ve got everything from a drill to a Santa suit. Christy tell us about this.”

Christy: “Well we are a bin store and we never know what we’re going to have. We get truckloads at a time. We start our week on Saturday. So we stock all of the bins, brand new every Saturday and we stock from that truckload four times during the weekend. And anything you find at all, is ten dollars. And then after Sunday we don’t restock anymore. And so every day it goes down. Monday is five. Tuesdays four. Wednesdays three. Thursday is two. And Friday is 50 cents.

Jason: “50 cent Fridays! So it’s literally like going, going, going, going and then it’s gone. And then you restock, but the weekend is really when you want to be here. That’s when those high dollar items are only ten dollars here. And there’s a way you can skip the crowds and skip the line tell us about how you can do that.”

Christy: “Well we have a front of the line pass it is available for purchase. We do only have 25 spots of those available per opening and you can purchase them through Venmo or come into the store. But we also have a way to win it.”

Jason: “Yes that’s what I want to hear more about.”

Christy: “Follow our Facebook page. We post pictures of the items that we’re sneak peeking for the weekend and if you share that, we go through the shares and pick random winners.”

Jason: “Wow! You have your chance to win a pass to skip the line get ahead of everybody beat all the crowds to get here at Daily Deals Bargain Bins in Rogers.”

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Daily Deals Bargain Bins

A FUN new way to Shop! We restock our bins every Saturday and Sunday. Everything in the store Saturday and Sunday $7, Monday $5, Tuesday $4, Wednesday $3, Thursday $2, and Friday .50!!! You never know what treasure you will find at Daily Deals Bargain Bins!

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Daily Deals Bargain Bins

2207 North 17th Street Rogers Arkansas.
A Fun New Way to Shop! Daily Deals Bargain Bins- Rogers, is a Mega Bin Store serving North West Arkansas
SATURDAY & SUNDAY any item $10
MONDAY any item $5
TUESDAY any item $4
WEDNESDAY any item $3
THURSDAY any item $2
FRIDAY any item .50!!!!
(479) 372-6280