Daily Deals Bargain Bins is now open in Rogers!

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Rogers. AR. – The Joplin-based bin store Daily Deals Bargain Bins has now opened a location in Rogers. With discount merchandise and a unique sales technique, people are flocking to the store for great deals. We sent Shelby Neely to talk to owner Christie Rodriguez to find out what the deal is!

Shelby Neely – “I can hardly wait to show you this place. We’re at Daily Deals Bargain Bins.  My word, my eyes are about to pop out of my head looking at all these things.  Christy tell us what your store is all about explain it to them.”

Christie Rodriguez – “Okay well we are a bin store. We get a new truckload every single week.  Saturday and Sunday is our new restock day and anything you find here in Rogers is ten dollars anything in Joplin is seven. And then throughout the week we don’t restock past Sunday, so the price starts going down all the way to 50 cent day which is Friday, and we get rid of every single item that’s in the store and clean our bins and start all over again on Saturday.

 Shelby Neely – “So, it’s going, going, going, gone! Like you said it starts out with all these things that are ten dollars then in a couple days it goes down and then down and down. You know I even love the 50-cent day you still find a lot of great things.  What kind of things can they expect to find here?”

Christie Rodriguez – “Oh gosh, you can find anything and everything you can find unique gifts for people.  You can find things for your household.  Electronics, clothing, anything you can order online you can find in our store.”

Shelby Neely – “If you can order it online it can be here, I mean it is so much fun to come in here and shop. Tell them where you’re located right here.

Christie Rodriguez – “The Rogers location is 2207 N 17th St. in Rogers.”

Shelby Neely -“This has been so much fun. I’ve got to look around a little bit more we got to go. Thanks so much I appreciate it.”

For more information about Daily Deals Bargain Bins check them out on Facebook.

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Daily Deals Bargain Bins

A FUN new way to Shop! We restock our bins every Saturday and Sunday. Everything in the store Saturday and Sunday $10, Monday $5, Tuesday $4, Wednesday $3, Thursday $2, and Friday .50!!! You never know what treasure you will find at Daily Deals Bargain Bins!

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Daily Deals Bargain Bins

2207 North 17th Street Rogers Arkansas.
A Fun New Way to Shop! Daily Deals Bargain Bins- Rogers, is a Mega Bin Store serving North West Arkansas
SATURDAY & SUNDAY any item $10
MONDAY any item $5
TUESDAY any item $4
WEDNESDAY any item $3
THURSDAY any item $2
FRIDAY any item .50!!!!
(479) 372-6280