Jason meets Tyler and Cole

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Jason: I’m here at Daily Deals Bargain Bins. We got Tyler. We got Cole joining me. Thanks so much for having me out guys.

Tyler: Yeah no problem.

Jason: So talk to me about when I walk in the door. What’s the process like? What’s it like here at Daily Deals Bargain Bins?

Tyler: So when you walk through our doors, you’re greeted by a door greeter. They go through and explain just a little bit of everything about the store. So they’re going to explain the price of the day. They’re going to explain all of our rules. There’s a list of rules that we have. We want everyone to follow them because it helps keep our store clean and makes sure that everyone can get the product the way it needs to be.

Jason: Yeah, there’s so much stuff on offer here is absolutely amazing. And I know you’ve got an interesting call price structure, right? Cole talk me through that.

Cole: So we have a fixed price for each day of the week. Our weeks do start on Saturday. Our price remains $10, Saturday and Sunday because we stock the store those days. We do it before we open and we also do it in the afternoon. We close down at 1:30 and reopen at 2:00 after we replenish the bins. From there on the price drops all the way down to 50 cents. We do that so we can clear the floor and put a new truckload out every week.

Jason So, where are you located?

Tyler: We’re located at 2207 N. 17th Street in Rogers Arkansas, catty corner from Indian Motorsport and east of Dixieland.

Jason: So you gotta come then check out here at Daily Deals Bargain Bins. Cole, Tyler, thank you so much for having me out and you get yourself to Daily Deals.

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Daily Deals Bargain Bins

A FUN new way to Shop! We restock our bins every Saturday and Sunday. Everything in the store Saturday and Sunday $10, Monday $5, Tuesday $4, Wednesday $3, Thursday $2, and Friday .50!!! You never know what treasure you will find at Daily Deals Bargain Bins!

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Daily Deals Bargain Bins

2207 North 17th Street Rogers Arkansas.
A Fun New Way to Shop! Daily Deals Bargain Bins- Rogers, is a Mega Bin Store serving North West Arkansas
SATURDAY & SUNDAY any item $10
MONDAY any item $5
TUESDAY any item $4
WEDNESDAY any item $3
THURSDAY any item $2
FRIDAY any item .50!!!!
(479) 372-6280

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