LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas voting officials are adamant that voting machines being used for elections this year are secure.

Despite concern about election integrity from some Americans, local voting officials are saying that Arkansas’ elections will be 100% secure.

Pulaski County’s Election Coordinator Amanda Dickens said “It is definitely secure. The voting machines are not tied to the internet at all. There are no modems inside of these machines. They’re standalone machines.”

Dickens said people will get a ballot card, select the candidates of their choice, print the ballot and place it in the machine that counts the votes.

Dickens explained that the machine tabulates the votes on a USB drive locked inside.

“Poll workers will close the machine down, pull the USB stick out, pull the voted ballots out and that’s what gets delivered back to us,” said Dickens.

Armed guards will be at the polling site on election night to protect people there and the process itself.

Dickens said no threats have been made to poll workers and volunteers during early voting.

Early voting goes until Nov. 7.