Bloomberg makes his case to Arkansas voters

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KNWA's Chad Mira interviews Bloomberg ahead of the rally.

Bentonville, Ark. (KNWA) — Democratic Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg addressed voters in Bentonville on Thursday.

During the rally at The Record in Bentonville, Bloomberg spoke to voters for about 20 minutes. He was introduced by a DACA recipient and opened his speech by calling for immigration reform.

Throughout the rally, he mentioned he wants healthcare for all without eliminating private health insurance. He also touched on background checks for gun purchases. He is calling to restrict gun purchases for people with psychiatric problems, minors and people with criminal records.

Benton County, the location of the rally, is considering becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. In a one on one interview with KNWA’s Chad Mira, Bloomberg defended his stance on gun control, saying he is not attacking second amendment rights.

“If I were a gun owner, I would be the biggest advocate you’ve ever seen to apply those rules because if we keep having massacres, someday the government may come along and take away your guns,” he said.

The crowd’s positive reaction to his gun policies surprised some in attendance.

“I was surprised at how loud the reaction was for pro-choice in Arkansas. I was also surprised how loud the reaction was for gun control in Arkansas,” voter Kurt Templeton said.

National rankings have recognized Northwest Arkansas for job growth, wage growth, and affordable living. We asked if he could convince voters to vote for a different president despite a strong economy.

“Most of that is not because of Donald Trump because Donald Trump is hurting this country very badly with overseas, breaking overseas relationships, tariffs that don’t make any sense. We’re paying those tariffs,” he said.

When asking for a show of hands during the rally, nearly half the room seemed to have voted early. However, the undecided voters KNWA interviewed after the event had a positive reaction.

“I’ll tell you what. He seems like a very fair person. I’ve always been told don’t walk on one side of the fence or the other. Walk on top of it. And I think that he is one that seems to be able to do that,” voter Bobby Carr said.

“I’ve watched all the candidates and I really really like mike. I like Bloomberg. He’s a good talker. He knows how to get things done and i just like him. I like him a lot,” voter John Kennedy said.

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