FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Republican Robin Lundstrum and Democrat Monique Jones are both running for Arkansas House District 18. They spoke with KNWA/FOX24 on Wednesday on some hot issues Arkansas voters will be thinking about on Election Day.

Jones’s main focus will be ensuring parents can provide food for their children.

“I know across the state, we have different food banks that funnel into different food pantries. If I could do something different, it would be to teach and model how food pantries can get started in communities where there are food deserts, where there is food insecurity prevalent,” said Jones.

For Lundstrum, tax cuts will be a top priority.

“We have a surplus in the state, which means we’re over-taxing. So, the first thing we need to focus on is, what things do we need to trim? Both in the budget and as far as tax cuts. So, I think that needs to be a priority,” said Lundstrum.

She says she also wants to stop sex trafficking in Arkansas.

“Going after anything that harms children, because I want people to feel safe in their homes and feels that their children aren’t being attacked,” said Lundstrum.

Jones is also very passionate about education and getting more pay for teachers.

“We’re not serving them well by not paying them well. There should be a system in place to continue to pay them on tiers as they continue on through getting their education and serving our children to make sure we’re paying them fairly,” said Jones.

Lundstrum believes when it comes to education, schools should be given choices.

“We have strapped public schools with a lot of regulation, and we give charter schools deregulation. So, I think they need to have the same. If you’re going to give a charter school deregulation, give the public school deregulation. Let’s have a fair playing field and let them compete,” said Lundstrum.

Both Lundstrum and Jones want jail reform in some way.

“In Arkansas, we have a 52% recidivism rate. So that means we have victims– and we have folks that are coming out of jail and going back to jail,” said Lundstrum.

Jones believes the answer could lie with bail reform.

“It’s so many people in jail that should not be in there because they’re waiting to get bail to see a judge to get out. We need bail reform in our state,” said Jones.

Election Day is on Nov. 8. You can view voter and ballot information here.