FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The general election in Arkansas concluded on November 8, but information about potential runoff elections following that is not always clear.

Results are continuing to come in on November 9 with some races already being sent into runoffs.

The rules regarding runoffs in Arkansas are simple enough. First, there are none for state and federal offices. This includes more prominent positions such as the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

However, elections for local positions at the county and municipal level can end in runoffs if there are more than two candidates in the race and none of them secures 50% of the vote. In that case, there would be a runoff.

There can also be a runoff if a candidate has at least 40% of the vote, but their lead against opponents has to be smaller than 20% for the runoff to occur.

If that happens, the General Runoff Election date is December 6. KNWA is your local election headquarters, so please visit this page for all of our election coverage.

Below is a list of races in Northwest Arkansas that have been triggered into a potential runoff:

  • Bella Vista Mayor – Randy Murray: 44.46% Councilman John D. Flynn: 31.78%
  • Bella Vista Council Member Ward 1 Position 2 – Donna Hutchinson: 38.13% Wendy Hughes: 25.45%
  • Bella Vista Council Member Ward 2 Position 2 – Councilman Larry Wilms: 41.08% Wynn Peterson: 36.55%
  • Bella Vista Council Member Ward 3 Position 2 – Julie A. Yandell: 46.64% Craig Honchell: 27.22%
  • Rogers Council Member Ward 3 Position 1 – Councilman W. Clay Kendall: 37.57% Rachel Crawford: 36.75%
  • Springdale Council Member Ward 3 Position 1 – Council Member Brian Powell: 45.50% Alice Gachuzo-Colin: 22.02%
  • Bentonville School Board Zone 3 – Jeremy Farmer: 38.09% Blanca Maldonado: 33.35%
  • Bentonville School Board Zone 5 – Tatum Aicklen: 41.04% Letisha Hinds: 29.51%
  • Northwest Arkansas Community College Trustee Zone 2 – Lori S. Frank: 48.74% Randy Rice: 29.42%
  • Northwest Arkansas Community College Trustee Zone 4 – Trustee Todd Schwartz: 47.18% Beverly Grau: 27.57%
  • Farmington Mayor – Mayor Ernie L. Penn: 49.71% Council Member Diane Bryant: 31.41%