Despite being an international brand, Engel & Volkers‘ understands that local people know Northwest Arkansas best. “…I got into this when Michelle reached out to me when she started her brokerage”, says Ace Rouse, Licensed Partner & Executive Broker with Engel & Volkers in Bentonville. “She is my aunt and I had no business getting into real estate, but she was like, hey, listen, you’ve got to do this. You’ve got the sphere for it, you’re a local kid and I said, okay, let’s try it.”

What Ace loves about real estate it that he gets to wear multiple hats in the industry. “Every transaction is different, which is so cool. It’s never the same. There’s always something going, something different… always some problem solving.”

Just like the other agents Ace gets to work with at Engel & Volkers, his referral base comes from outside of the state of Arkansas, such as Texas and Colorado. “A lot of people… are coming here to utilize our amenities: biking, golfing, the lakes, just nature in general. That’s super, super important for them. And they’re getting away from the hustle and bustle or maybe some of the lack of resources, like the lack of water on the on the west side. They’re coming here and they’re seeing green. They’re seeing water. And they absolutely love it. That’s what I’m seeing more of, is those people coming here to experience those things.”

Interested buyers can contact Ace at (479) 372-3636 or via email at