Dr. Jared Spencer is a Facial Plastic Surgeon at Ozark Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics. He tells us who the main candidates for plastic surgery really are.

“I generally have two categories of patients that come to see me in my office. The first set of patients are bothered by a particular feature of their face. Whether it’s a bump on their nose, whether it’s their chin feeling like it’s too far back, maybe prominent ears, something that has just bothered them. And it can be younger patients as well as older patients.”

“The second category of patients that I’ll generally see are those that are bothered by the effects of age and what that’s doing to their skin, their face and their neck.”

“So this is a patient who came to see me in her 50’s. And that’s a very common time for patients to come to see me. We talked about her jawline and the neck.”

“Now we can see (in) her after pictures she really has a great jawline, beautiful neck. She had it there the whole time.”

“So here’s another patient actually a younger patient that was bothered by her neck. She just didn’t feel like she ever had a jawline. I recommended some submental liposuction which would help with that but I also recommended a chin implant, something that would look very natural but help out with the jawline. And the after result I think looks great.”

“The motto of my practice as it’s evolved is: Look how you feel and love how you look really at any age.”