Susanna Jones was tormented with nasal polyps until she found a local doctor who could perform a polyvac procedure.

“I chose ENT Center of the Ozarks because they were the only ones I could find that did the polyvac procedure.  I had nasal polyps and they just kept growing.  Three to four years struggling with that.  I couldn’t breathe through my nose and I couldn’t smell or taste.  And I had had sinus surgery but they grew back.  I was getting to where I was hopeless, you know, I needed help.  I just started searching the internet and found this procedure’s out there but I knew it was in California, it was in Texas, but I, there had to be somewhere around here, so my mom found Dr. Johnson.”

  Dr. Johnson is one of the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists at ENT Center of the Ozarks. ” It was a procedure, a polyvac procedure where they go up with a tool, I’m awake and it sucks your polyps out.  They placed a sinus implant.  The implant has steroid medicine on it and so it’s placed in my sinuses up against the polyps so they’ll shrink and I won’t have to take oral steroids and it’s in there for three months and then it dissolves on its own or it’s taken out, whatever’s left after three months.”

Susanna says the procedure was life-changing for her,”  I’ve been able to breathe and smell and taste and I feel like I have my life back, like normal.  I would definitely recommend ENT Center of the Ozarks.