Kim Barrett suffered from horrible allergies until Dr. Lollar at ENT Center of the Ozarks prescribed her sublingual allergy drops.

“I have been an allergy sufferer all of my life and taken allergy shots and I knew ENT Center of the Ozarks did a very new procedure called Sublingual Allergy Drops so, I was very interested in that.  Well, allergy shots work fine but they’re very time-consuming.  You have to make an appointment every week or every other week and go into the clinic, wait to have your shot, and then after the shot, you typically wait a half an hour and they test the reaction, so it’s very time-consuming.  Coming to the ENT Center has been very, very easy.  I came in, they did the typical scratch test to see exactly what I was allergic to and then they made a serum for me that was exact to my needs and I do the Sublingual Drops at home.  I used to take allergy medication pretty regularly and now it’s very seldom that I have to take something.   It has helped tremendously.  I can enjoy the outside, I can enjoy springtime again and, um, it’s very, very nice.”