EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA) — Eureka Springs Treehouses, Caves and Castles is a fairly young attraction, but has the kind of ancient, fantastical feel you find in fairy tales.

The attraction offers underground rooms that give you a feeling that you’re living in a mythical manner. These rooms are something extraordinary: Hobbit Caves, Treehouses and Castle Treehouses.

“It’s like nothing you have ever seen before,” said Dawn Harden with Eureka Springs Treehouses, Caves and Castles. “It looks like you’re staying in a cave. It’s a cave wall. It’s slanted like you’re going down in a cave. We made them below ground.”

Harden said she has seen other attractions that offer treehouse rooms, but said Hobbit Caves, Castle Treehouses, Kauai Grottos and Enchanted Forest Caverns are unique to her attraction.

The Treehouses were made in 2007; the Hobbit Caves and Castle Treehouses were made in 2013; and the Kauai Grottos and Enchanted Forest Cavern were made in 2015, according to Harden.

Harden said Eureka Springs Treehouses, Caves and Castles has had guests from across the nation and globe, but most guests are from Arkansas, Texas, Kansas and Missouri.

In the past, the attraction’s fantasy feel was further accentuated with themes such as Harry Potter. Harden said there are more interesting ideas ahead for the attraction, but she can’t reveal them right now.

“We’ve always got stuff in the pipeline. We got some interesting stuff on the way,” Harden said.