EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA) — Just off the main street that runs through the city of Eureka Springs, that’s located in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, there’s a hidden resort that brings fantasy to life.

Without a sign that gives away its location, Eureka Springs Treehouses, Caves & Castles is found behind big black gates that only open to those who book a stay.

The adults-only resort with a forest-like feel is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but really it’s only minutes away from Eureka’s most popular eateries, parks and festivals.

What started as just 10 treehouses a decade ago, has grown to now include castle treehouse rooms, hobbit caves, Kauai grotto, and enchanted forest caverns. “We gradually grew and we just kind of exploded,” said Eureka Springs Treehouses, Caves & Castles General Manager Candice.

The owners of the resort are originally from California. They’ve used their travels as inspiration for each of the unique rooms.

“They were just huge fans of Disneyland and traveling so that’s where a lot of the themes and ideas for these rooms come from,” Candice explained. “They put a lot of their memories and experiences into these rooms.”

The treehouses are built of wood with a long, wooden path that leads to the front door. The themes for the treehouses include Paris, Central Park, Big Sur, Venice, and Santa Fe. Each has a big tree that goes through the center of the room that’s dimly lit at the top with a string of lights.

The castle treehouses embrace the medieval times, covered in stone with gargoyles that welcome guests. Each is two stories and those who stay are tasked with finding a secret door that leads to a surprise at the top of the stairs.

The hobbit caves resemble just that, a cave. The walls are transformed to look like rocks complete with petroglyphs. Big round windows light the room that still has the dark, cool feeling of a real cave.

Each room offers a mystical yet relaxing atmosphere complete with a king bed that has towels folded into swans that make a heart, a jacuzzi for two, a balcony overlooking the woods, among other amenities.

All types of couples are accommodated, whether they need a night away or have something special in mind. “People getting married with us, people on their honeymoon, people celebrating their anniversary, some people come to propose,” Candice said.

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