NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — John, or “JJ” as he likes to go by, has spent more than two-thirds of his life in Arkansas’ foster care system.

He was removed from an abusive home at 3-years-old and has lived in foster care for the last six years.

When asked if he knew how long he’d been in foster care for he said, “a little bit, but too long.”

While he has bounced to different foster homes since he entered foster care, he has spent a decent amount of time in his latest placement.

JJ said, “I don’t like to move.”

The 9-year-old is a little shy and can be pretty soft spoken, but once he gets talking he opens up like a book.

He loved to talk about just how much he enjoys to learn.

JJ’s favorite subject is math and he especially likes learning addition and subtraction, as well as about measurements.

Like most fourth graders, he is a big gamer.

He really enjoys a transformers game where he can make the character he plays roam around a city and jump from building rooftop to rooftop.

JJ said he would love a family that’ll take him to, “go to Silver Dollar City and ride some roller coasters.”

What he really needs, according to his adoption specialist Kayla Manrrique, is a family that will help him continue to grow emotionally and developmentally.

JJ has some developmental delays and receives occupational and speech therapies.

“He needs that structure and the love and someone to just not give up on him even when he’s had a bad day,” Manrrique said.

She also mentioned it would be best for him to live in a home where there are no animals and he’s the youngest child.

JJ is eligible for adoption right now through the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services.

If you’re interested in learning more about him, visit Project Zero’s website.