NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — When he spoke about his years-long search to find a family, Kolin became very emotional.

“I don’t want to do this no more,” Kolin said when he referenced his time as a foster child.

Kolin was removed from his biological home when he was a toddler. “I was abused, but when I was three I moved out of that.”

He has lived in Arkansas’ foster care system ever since and described his experience as a “nightmare, up and down.”

It’s the lack of stability, he said, that has been one of the most difficult parts of living in foster care.

“When you move it’s tough because you’ve stayed in that space so long that you’ve grown used to it. That’s what it’s like, then moving to some place that you don’t even know. It’s tough.”


The 12-year-old, who will turn 13 in September, was almost adopted at one point, but it didn’t work out.

Nevertheless, Kolin remains determined he will find a family that’ll take him in.

“Even though what he thought his forever family was going to be didn’t work out, he’s still willing to go back into it,” said Evelyn Dilworth, Kolin’s adoption specialist with the Division of Children and Family Services.

“I’d ask for anything I could possibly get,” Kolin said when asked what he’s looking for in parents.

An ideal family for Kolin would be one that’s creative. He loves to build with legos, anything up to 9,000 pieces, and really enjoys arts and crafts.

When he’s not being creative, Kolin enjoys collecting hot wheel cars and gaming.

Evelyn said Kolin would do best in a two-parent household with a strong mother figure. It’s also important if there are other siblings, Kolin needs to be the youngest of the group.

“He’s a fighter. He wants a relationship, he wants to be loved and he wants to love,” Evelyn said.


If you’re interested in learning about other kids who are available for adoption in Arkansas, like Kolin, visit Project Zero’s website.