Early detection is key in breast cancer treatment

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“Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States.” Foster Lasley, MD, is a radiation oncologist with GenesisCare in Rogers. He says the numbers from breast cancer are staggering. “Every year it kills about hundred seventy thousand women and about one in eight women will experience breast cancer sometime in their life. Oftentimes you can feel a mass, but oftentimes it can be found long before you could ever feel a mass. The best way to screen for breast cancer is with a mammogram. Different groups disagree on when you should start it but it should probably start sometime between age 40 and age 50 and happen every one to two years and there’s no upper limit for when you need to stop.”

“When you get a mammogram oftentimes they’ll find a lump or some kind of irregularity. They may want to do some additional testing, maybe a different kind of scan, maybe the same scan in a shorter follow-up or they may want to take a small piece of it, like a biopsy. After that, they can decide whether it’s benign or whether this is something that we need to pursue further like a cancer or pre-cancerous condition. Breast cancer is one that can grow and can spread relatively quickly and so getting it under control and finding it early is really important. Time is really key in this particular cancer. When breast cancer is caught earlier it’s much easier to get under control and to help save a life or prevent a lot of problems down the road.”

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