When should I be screened? Your guide to PSA tests.

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Rogers, AR – “Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men.” Foster Lasley, MD is a radiation oncologist with GenesisCare, “Every year it kills about 250,000 men in America and about one in eight men will experience prostate cancer sometime in his life. It effectively has no symptoms often until it’s too late. And for that reason, a screening program can often help detect it when it’s early enough to be treated. “

“So the best way to screen for it is with a blood test called PSA. You’ll have this done at your doctor. Most recommendations say to start at age 50 if you’re at average risk and then get it done every year. If you have one family member who has had prostate cancer like a brother or a father, it’s good to start at age 45. Also if you’re African-American it’s recommended that you start at age 45. If you’ve got multiple family members who have had it then they recommend that you start actually at age 40. By starting early you can detect it earlier and it has a much higher chance of cure or reducing chances of diminishment of quality of life. Sometimes if the PSA is found to be a little bit high the doctor may want to take it again after certain behavioral modifications. If it’s really low your doctor may say you only have to have it done every two years instead of every one year. “

If you have any further questions or concerns about prostate screening please talk to your doctor or you can visit genesiscare.com

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