“Harp’s is a family-based company that is really big into the community and, and that’s exactly what Bio-Tech is.” says Sheldon Olsen, the General Manager for Harps in Fayetteville.

” You know, the fact that they, they’ve been doing this for over 30 years.  So Bio-Tech has over 100 research affiliates, including the Mayo Clinic and they have a great quality product.  You know, we’re proud to partner with Bio-Tech.  We love that they’re a local community business based out of Fayetteville, here.  Harp’s is really big on community, so we love to support local businesses when we can. “

“You know, their product is really high quality with hypoallergenic, pure, no additives, no artificial flavoring or coloring.  It’s something that we can be proud to offer to our customers, knowing that they’re going to get a quality product.  These products are perfect for families and students, it’s back to school time.  These would be great to support a healthy immune system for, for kids of all ages and, and families.  You can find Bio-Tech products at all Harp’s locations in Springdale and Fayetteville, in the health and beauty departments, on prominent endcaps. “