Supplements can offer essential nutrients and help you maintain or improve overall health

Dr. Masters Blair Masters with Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

Dr. Masters is a third-generation chiropractor and the ninth chiropractor in the Masters family and has over 25 years’ experience treating difficult cases. His knowledge and experience enable him to successfully help an extensive variety of health problems. Dr. Masters has been active in the Northwest Arkansas community for over 25 years, helping to improve the health of the region.

Dr Masters explains his recommended use of supplements to all his patients, “I’ve been in practice for over 30 years in Northwest Arkansas and supplementation has always been an important part of my practice and that’s because people don’t eat right.”

He also is a huge proponent of healthy eating, “Our food supply in American, in general, is not very healthy. And because of that I recommend everybody take four supplements. Everybody should be taking a multi-vitamin, a probiotic, Vitamin D, and they should also be in a situation where they take Omega 3 fatty acids, which is like fish oil. And if you take these things, you’re going to be in far better shape than 90 percent of people in America who are eating a standard American diet. These products together will head off a vast majority of health problems that most people have.”

Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab is also proud to partner with Fayetteville local, Bio Tech Pharmacal for our supplement needs. “The health of my patients is very important to me and nutrition is a major part of every treatment program. APHR’s partnership with our local friends at BioTech has been a big part of that. I want all of my patients to take vitamin D and BioTech’s product is superior.”

“Another reason why we partner with Biotech. Biotech is a company that’s right here in Fayetteville. You know, the quality, the purity and the effective dosage are the three things that I think are, are so important. If you’re not taking an effective dosage, then it doesn’t do any good. Biotech products have been used in research with these different affiliates and that makes me feel good about recommending their products to my patients.”

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