Too often women will focus their energy on one element of overall health, the physical or the mental, at the expense of the other. But the secret to lasting health goals is balance.

At Bio-Tech Marti and Dale, we offer a wide range of vitamins and dietary supplements that can optimize your health such as our Folic Acid, Omega Oil, D-Mannose, or even vitamin D3. However, we would like to take this opportunity to provide some additional tips for building a solid foundation towards a lifetime of good health.

Whether looking to begin a path towards a new, healthier you or simply wanting to maintain the level of health you are currently at, it’s important to schedule a checkup with your doctor or medical provider for preventative screenings and a clear outline of your current health record.

One of the most important steps you can take towards getting and staying healthy is literally just that, a step and then lots more of them. Women of all ages and abilities benefit from being physically active. It is recommended that one should be active for at least 30 minutes each day so try to take a walk in the evening every day this week. A simple 30-minute walk each evening can burn anywhere from 90 to 200 calories, but of course if you feel up to it go for a 30-minute jog or bike ride.

What you choose to consume also plays a major role not only in your current health, but also your health later in life. Try to eat a balanced variety of foods from all the major food groups while also try to limit your sodium, added sugar, and saturated and trans fats intake. Sadly, sometimes healthy eating is affected by things that are not directly under your control but focusing on the choices you can control will help you make small changes that can have a lasting impact on your health. Try to cook dinner at home each night this week with fresh and healthy ingredients, you can use this to try out new or exciting recipes you haven’t had the courage to try before. Meal-prepping your lunches is also a way to not only ensure you have a healthy and balanced lunch each day but can also cut down on the stress of trying to figure out what to eat or sometimes even when during a busy day.

Understanding what is considered “normal” mental health can be difficult, more than one in five women in the United States have experienced a mental health condition in the past year. If you’ve experienced a change in your thoughts, behaviors, or moods that is interfering with your work or relationships for longer than two weeks, you may have a mental health condition. If you are in any doubt about your mental health, reach out to your doctor or nurse, a mental health professional, or a trusted love one for help. Some less extreme mental health conditions can be handled with proper rest. Stress is a major factor in mental health issues and sometimes it can be as simple as just giving yourself that time to pause and stand still, to stop letting everything out of your control dictate and push your life and wellbeing. Other types of mental health support can include building life skills or talents, eating healthy and exercising, finding new communities or support groups, and learning how to manage your thoughts.

These tips are by no means a definitive cure all or a quick fix to a brand new you, but if used as a starting point they can be the beginning steps to a happier and healthier lifestyle.