Pace X Concrete Coatings is a flooring business that specializes in creating beautiful and durable concrete floor coatings. From the design process to installation, we will help you to decide on the best flooring for your garage, school, or commercial business.  Pace X sources all of our materials from Penntek flooring. Through our partnership with them we are proud to offer a 15-year guarantee on our products. 

Pace X Concrete Coatings is owned and operated by Kevin Patrick. Pace X is based out of Northwest Arkansas where Kevin and his families farm is also located. The family farm has been passed down since his grandfather and is a self-sustaining farm. Kevin takes pride in his family, his work on the farm, and his company Pace X Concrete Coatings.

The Pace X Difference

Every time we install a new floor it is our goal to install flooring that is high quality, safe, and has trustworthy integrity. We set the bar high when we install a floor for you. Our team at Pace X is devoted to making sure that your Penntek flooring is installed to your complete satisfaction. When you hire Pace X a member of our team will work alongside you through the whole process to make sure that your flooring is exactly what you want. Additionally, our team is certified to practice home improvement contracting in the state of Arkansas. You can trust us with your next commercial or residential concrete floor coating job. Contact us today to get started and to get an estimate on your next flooring installation project.