“My wife and I went to our first escape room on a date night in June of 2017. We were looking for something unique to do that wasn’t the standard dinner and a movie. What we experienced was so much more than we anticipated…we were hooked! It wasn’t long after that we took our whole family to another escape room. It was something that just gave us an opportunity to bond with each other as a family, work together to solve problems, learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and have a blast all at the same time! The biggest problem was we couldn’t find many that we felt, as Christian parents, were appropriate for our kids. That’s when God showed us this would be the perfect family owned and operated business.” Says, Jason Maxwell the owner of Kingdom Keys Adventures a Christian Themed escape room in Centerton, AR.

All of Kingdom Keys escape room adventures are Christian themed, making it the first of it’s kind in the industry. Maxwell says no biblical knowledge is needed to solve the mysteries presented in the rooms, as it is discovered along the adventure.

When asked what an escape room adventure is like, Maxwell responded, “You and your team of two to ten people are put inside one of our adventure rooms. You have sixty minutes to seek out the environment, solve the puzzles, conquer the challenges, and discover the Kingdom Keys to escape the world in victory! It is the perfect opportunity to put your God-given skills and talents to the test, and maybe even discover some you didn’t know you had.”

Escape rooms have quickly become one of the favorite activities for corporate team building in the United States and around the world. Maxwell says this is because “All the members of the team are put into an immersive environment with a common goal. They must identify that goal, compare and revise how they are going to accomplish that goal, quickly and efficiently overcome any conflict of ideas or personalities in order to accomplish that goal, implement and execute those ideas, then repeat that process many times over in the course of an Adventure. Escape rooms, at Kingdom Keys, offer NWA employers, church staff and leaders the opportunity to put their team dynamics into a 60-minute compression chamber. It helps to identify the different personality types, how each member of the team interacts with others, identify each members strengths and weaknesses, and forces communication, all while bonding and having a great time together! After-all, there is nothing better than escaping the world in Victory!” In addition to the one-hour escape room adventures, Kingdom Keys will soon offer half and full day team building experiences combining the escape room, review of performance in the room, personality type profiles and other team building/bonding activities.

Kingdom Keys will be opening additional adventure rooms soon. Jason and the rest of the staff can’t wait to help orchestrate their first marriage proposal in the new Love Divided adventure room opening in April. While Love Divided is perfect for families, friends, and date nights, Maxwell says “Imagine being fully immersed in a room focused on discovering what true love is. Your focus is on trying to solve yet another puzzle to get one step closer to The Fathers Blessing when BOOM! You discover your own engagement ring hidden inside the puzzle box you just opened. You think to yourself, wow this is a really nice ring to be an escape room prop. Your soon to be fiancée kneels down in front of you and proposes. Epic! It is going to be epic!” The staff at Kingdom Keys can also help you by hiding small birthday presents, etc to be discovered along your adventure as long as you work out the details ahead of time before your arrival.

But Kingdom Keys Adventures has a greater purpose than just good clean fun and marriage proposals. Glorifying Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s is certainly at the top of that list, with a portion of all the profits from the escape rooms going to help fund the Flames2Fire Food pantry which currently serves 70-80 NWA families a week. “The food pantry was something that my wife Sarah and I have …” Maxwell pauses for a moment, getting choked up “it’s just been on our heart for a long time. We just feel very strongly that, we know how much God loves us and how much he has done for us and delivered us from. One of the purest forms of religion is to help those that are in need, to seek out, to visit the orphans and the widows, and to help take care of them. And we really believe that as the church, and I don’t mean the church building, but the unified church as a whole, it’s very important that we are serving those around us.”

The Flames2Fire Food Pantry is an “at choice pantry” meaning they do not pre-box items for families, rather families can come in and get items they know they will use including meat. “We basically set it up like a grocery store and they can come in and get what they want that week. They are limited to a certain number of items based on what we have available that week. While we offer all the standard canned and dry goods like most other pantries our focus is on providing healthy produce and meat, that many people can’t get elsewhere. We try to have at least 8-10 varieties of produce and every family that comes through gets between 5 and 10 pounds of meat every week.”

The food pantry is open on Wednesday from 2 pm to 5 pm and regularly serves between 70 and 80 families. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help support the Flames2Fire Food Pantry,   You can mail a check to Flames2Fire Ministries, P.O. Box 707, Centerton AR 72719. 

Kingdom Keys Adventures escape room is open Thursday from 12:30 pm to 9 pm, Friday from 1:30 pm to 10:30 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm and Sunday from 2 pm to 8 pm.  Escape room adventures can be booked outside normal operating hours for corporate team building, church groups as well as birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, gender reveals, anniversaries and more. A 640 square foot party room is available to rent for parties and as a hang out space for larger groups who want to share the escape room experience, but can’t all go through at the same time.

To book your adventure visit Kingdom Keys Adventures website at:


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