Get your wish lists ready as Good Day NWA presents these Hot Holiday Toys sponsored by Energizer batteries.

Air Hogs Stunt Shot – Ages 5+

This super light weight and has foam tires. It flips, turns, spins and speeds through multiple terrains. It’s rechargeable with a USB and the remote is battery operated.

The Power Rangers Megazord – Ages 3+

The zord features lights, sounds, chomping action, push-button projectile launcher, fold-down play areas jail cell, vehicle ramp, and more . Look for other Playskool Heroes Power Rangers figures & vehicles to collect and build a Ranger Team sold separately.

Plasma Globe – Ages 8+

Plug in the plasma globe and analyze the different plasma beam reactions to sound and touch.
Flip the switch and turn on your favorite song to watch a different kind of light show, activated by sound.

Fureal Mama Kangaroo – Ages 3+

This mama makes cooing noises to her three babies. There’s a one boy, one girl and the third joey is a surprise. Press her hand and she moves and talks to them. Mama Josie has 70 plus sound and motion reactions. She can also do a hopping dance and play music.

Comet Electric Scooter – Ages 8+

This scooter moves pretty fast. There are gas and break throttles on the handle bars that allow 15mph and can go up to 9 miles per battery charge. This e-scooter is great for a beginners.

Rainbow Light Catchers – Ages 6+

Discover the beauty behind rainbow science and phases of matter as you design your own suncatchers with the You*Niverse Rainbow Light Catchers! From unicorns to geodes, shooting stars to diamonds, this set includes 4 trendy mosaic suncatcher frames for you to make completely unique. Hang your crystal mosaic suncatchers in a window or anywhere outdoors to watch them catch the sun’s beautiful rays and transform them into a rainbow of colors.