“In my experience, we become therapists because something meaningful has happened in our life, and so we go to grad school to help others, but along the way, I think we also learn how to help ourselves.”, says Kati Wells, owner of Kati Wells CBT. “And that’s ultimately how I found the cognitive model, CBT, is I went to find something that would help me, and that I could rely on, and so in CBT we teach you to be your own therapist, but there are times when that’s not effective.”

Sarah Godlewski, Psychotherapist, adds “It’s valid to be scared and nervous, you’re coming in to talk to a stranger about things that are vulnerable, and things that are very personal to you. As therapists, we all have had therapy as well, so we have been on the other side of that couch too. Our goal is to help you process through those fears first to feel comfortable coming in, and we’re going to work on reducing your symptoms so that you can get back to living a life worth living.”

Kati continues, “Just like at any moment it would be difficult for me to be my own therapist, I would go. And that’s really what cognitive therapy is all about, is that we don’t ask you to do anything that we’re not prepared to do ourselves, and that’s the beauty of the model.”

Psychotherapist, Alex Farris, states “We believe that everyone should have access to quality mental health services. That’s why our team is here and ready to support anyone who comes in, and offer a variety of price points to match your financial needs.”