LOWELL, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — “I woke up one morning, I couldn’t walk and I fell two, three times and I yelled for help,” Krystal Graham said.

Life changed for Krystal after that.

In 2017, she was admitted to Shiloh Health & Rehab in Springdale but it was what she witnessed during the height of the pandemic that sparked an idea.

“You get to see these little people just sitting around,” Graham said. “You can see they were sad but no one really comes to see them anyway.”

Graham decided to reach out to her high school senior class in Texas over social media, asking for donations to make goodie bags to give to the other residents.

Her classmates responded with an Amazon wish list.

“Everything on that list was bought,” Graham said. “I was really surprised, I was overwhelmed because I thought they might get a pair of socks or something.”

She says every resident at Shiloh Rehab will get two bags filled with not just socks but blankets and books.

In total, $3,000 worth of items were purchased.

“It makes you feel good, to do something, just a little bit – just a hi, smile, or a hug,” Graham said. “It means so much to some people, they probably wouldn’t get one.”