SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/FOX24) — A new mural on Holcomb St. in Springdale is honoring Hispanic women in Northwest Arkansas.

Planning, sketching, and painting are part of the process when creating a mural.

A blank wall on the side of a Springdale business is now a canvas, serving a greater purpose.

“To me, it represents life in general, eternity, because this mural we hope will stay here for a long time,” artist Lupita Albarran said.

Razo Studios is working with three artists on the mural, Albarran, Briseida “Brioch” Ochoa, and Lourdes Valverde.

With a few strokes of a brush, four faces are created. Each one represents a different generation.

“It’s why the last figure here is like protection, it’s older, protecting the youngest,” Valverde said.

The women are surrounded by marigolds and monarch butterflies.

“One of the legends is from the Purepecha town in Mexico in Michoacan,” Valverde said. “They believe the butterfly is the soul of our loved ones that come to visit us.”

The mural is a symbol of unity, bravery, and empowerment.

It serves as a reminder to everyone that life may take us down different paths, but all roads lead to home and for many, that home is called Springdale.

You can check out the mural yourself at 503 Holcomb Street in Springdale in the back parking lot.