FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Tuesday’s Fayetteville City Council meeting moved Fayetteville one step forward on two road improvement projects.

One project is on College Ave., the other is at the highway interchange on Martin Luther King Blvd. Chris Brown, Fayetteville’s Public Works Director, said the state’s in charge of the latter, while the city’s in charge of the former.

“If we did everything that’s in the programming document, it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of a $12 million project,” Brown said.

City council approved a request for federal funding to help with the projects. The request will be for $6 million, and Brown said he doesn’t expect all of it to be approved. Fayetteville also approved throwing in $1 million of its own money.

“It’s a pretty large project,” Brown. “The federal aid will allow us to use less city funds.”

Once the request is approved, the projects should take years to finish. The College Ave. project could take up to two years, Brown said.

“From start to finish, probably an 18-month to two year project,” Brown said. “By the time you move utilities, get all those out of the way, then actually get the street improvements done, it’s probably going to take up to two years.”