GRAVETTE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Richard Barnett, the U.S. Capitol insurrectionist famously photographed in Nanci Pelosi’s office, was arrested Friday in Benton County. The FBI executed a search warrant at his home later Friday evening.

“This investigation is ongoing,” said Diane Upchurch, the FBI special agent in charge.

Upchurch joined a slew of agents who showed up at Barnett’s home located on the outskirts of Gravette. The property featured a perimeter gate with a threatening sign for those who trespassed.

“Hopefully, this won’t take long, but we are very thorough and meticulous,” Upchurch said.

Barnett, 60, turned himself in to Benton Co. authorities Friday morning.

Barnett was then transferred to the Washington County Jail. His mugshot betrayed different emotions than his widely-publicized photo sitting in Pelosi’s office after breaching the Capitol and interrupting the Congressional electoral vote count.

“Those actions cannot be tolerated, and those people must be held accountable,” Upchurch said.

Barnett faces three federal charges, Upchurch said, totaling a maximum one-year sentence if he’s convicted.