FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — Historic flooding in Fort Smith last year paralyzed parts of the city, but not its resiliency.

Mayor George McGill delivered the State of the City address tonight.

At the University of Arkansas Fort Smith campus, McGill spoke about the strong recovery efforts following the record flood that submerged parts of Fort Smith.

He also spoke on the city’s 2020 vision including rebuilding Towson Avenue to help boost Fort Smith’s economy. Revitalizing downtown is also on tap for the city.

McGill emphasized the importance of the State of the City address in educating residents on what’s ahead.

“Fort Smith is a strong city. We weather the storms and we recover and now we have our eyes on the future and the future is pretty bright for us,” McGill said.

He also spoke on city accomplishments in 2019. The main one being the addition of a new information system that allows city departments to better communicate.